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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to "The Times" reported that Nike is competing with the ambitious Japanese brand Uniqlo Manchester United shirt sponsor, the Japanese companies are willing to pay huge sponsorship cost wrest from Nike Manchester United's global influence. Nike and Manchester United existing 23.5 million pounds a year sponsorship contract will expire next year, but the two sides had agreed in the contract, if a third-party bid, so Nike can match the other offer. After the news, Nike will provide up to 70 million pounds per year of a new contract for Manchester United, but this has failed to achieve a breakthrough. According to the newspaper news, Adidas was originally Nike rival in a Manchester United shirt sponsorship, but at the same time they and the United negotiations, Uniqlo from Japan suddenly become the biggest threat, they are willing to provide huge sponsorship, Nike is on keep it close attention. "The Times" said, Uniqlo from Japan will expand the field of sports as an important part of its globalization, while Manchester United have 325 million fans in Asia by them as the perfect partner. Manchester United, many individual players are Nike's star, so suddenly brought to replace a Japanese company will face great risks, but the choice of Manchester United is still open. In addition to the above-mentioned several companies, Puma and the Warriors sports also are interested in joining the competition, this competition shirt sponsorship of Manchester United Red Devils will help boost business income again. Since the acquisition of Manchester United Glazer family in 2005, Manchester United's commercial income has doubled three times last season, reached 153 million pounds, Chevrolet, AON and other sponsors are generous in the near future with the signing of commercial contracts. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network of global fashion network & nbsp; shoe.)[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Recently, the international environmental organization Greenpeace recently released a test report shows that some of the world's leading outdoor sports apparel brand Adidas included, TheNorthFace, JackWolfskin (dewclaws) and other 14 brands, Materials used in the presence of health and environmentally harmful c Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale hemical substances perfluorinated compounds (PFC) and the like. Investment Advisor in the light industry researcher Zhu Qing Hua told the "Daily Economic News" reporter said, perfluorinated compounds harmful PFOA prevalent in outdoor sports apparel brand, the substance is not detected in standard Chinese outdoor clothing Restriction. Adidas headquarters in China made a commitment in an interview for the "Daily Economic News" in: "2020 to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in all products of our supply chain and all the manufacturing process." The report shows that the office of Greenpeace Germany JackWolfskin, TheNorthFace, Patagonia, KaikkiallaandMarmot other famous outdoor clothing brand products to do a sample survey. The results showed that 14 samples, all detected in the PFCs, especially the more toxic perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Including 8 detected high concentrations of perfluorooctyl ethanol (FTOH). In some samples also detected the toxic and hazardous substances such as plasticizers and nonylphenol. Meanwhile, Greenpeace said in a report, purchased from Germany, Switzerland and Australia, three countries of 14 products, 10 of which are produced in China, and the sewage generated in the production process are discharged into the Chinese rivers. In this report, Greenpeace asked outdoor clothing fabric should use safer alternatives to replace and eliminated PFC. The report showed that the majority of outdoor sports brand PFCs used in the production process, so as to ensure our outdoor clothing away from moisture problems. These man-made very stable fluorocarbons, if once they enter the environment, it is difficult to be eliminated. Zhu Qing Hua said, PFOA this substance in abundance in outdoor sports brand apparel, "but a small amount of PFOA does the human body much harm." "States for many years not to be limiting, present the substance of outdoor clothing in China testing standards in unfettered. " However, Germany is currently working to include this matter "extremely worrying substances" list. Adidas official in to the "Daily Economic News" reporter's reply, the company said one of the products have been tested. But from the product measured all chemical residues are well within the guidance range of laws and regulations. Volume chemical residues found in Adidas products for the consumer does not pose a threat to health or safety. Greenpeace in its report mentioned: the results of product testing will need proof of name brand outdoor eliminated PFCs from the production of products. Today, the material does not contain PFC have been available, outdoor apparel industry must continue to develop PFC alternatives and more environmentally friendly alternative for the production of products. In fact last year, Greenpeace has been prompted by the report and to detect some of the sports apparel brand which made a commitment to choose alternatives, including Nike and Puma. "clothing containing PFOA States now seems to have been accepted, but taking into account its harmful nature, the community should put pressure on them to find alternatives as quickly as possible, otherwise add up hazardous substances, bound to the environment and consumer health bring serious harm. "Zhu Qing Hua said. In the 1st, Adidas official replies in the interview has made a commitment in 2020 to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. "Through collaboration, led by clothing and footwear industry until 2020 to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in our supply chain, all products and all manufacturing processes." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News )interprets the past classic design with modern innovation technology, Adidas Consortium , and officially unveils the whole veil of the new "Run Thru Time" series. The series, in addition to the blue that had been exposed many times earlier, UltraBOOST Mid , also included the debut gray Energy BOOST. Design inspiration from Adidas running history of two pairs of very representative work - Boston, Super and Marathon TR, are using Primeknit to build shoes, and BOOST soles technology blessing. apart from this, there are blue and white sports hats dotted with reflective Logo. Adidas Consortium new "Run Thru Time" series will be landing in July 19th, the world's major Consortium designated stores, interested friends do not miss. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! adidas Originals the 70s elements combined with running hot tech cushioning material BOOST designed by Iniki Runner, after previously launched several simple color temperature test speed sold out, but in the month of April 20th Iniki Runner will push the breath out of 10 new color, which would include pink, Ying Guanghuang etc. a new tone, originally released this lineup on reality and early NMD when the situation is very similar. These 10 pairs of new color matching Adidas Originals Iniki Runner will be landing in April 20th each designated store. number: BB2100 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB2093 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB2101 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB2094 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB2098 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB2099 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB0000 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB9999 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB9998 release date: April 20th offer price: $$120 number: BB0001 release date: April 2〉since you asked us a matter of conscience, have pity on to tell you: in order to prevent stick autumn fat too much, in order to protect the body, Implement the strip with meat, thin dressing principle, child has again Yuet behavior, Aerobic ! strength training! We are get health alliance, muscle, the passion of tomorrow is waiting for us! rules: now by get app released I love fitness related theme photos, and added "I love fitness" topic, you can participate in this activity. Until 14:00 on September 24, we will select single post praised the largest number of participants (men and women each), send select fitness equipment (Nike LEGENDARY TIGHT fit training women knit pants and UA man HeatGear sonic strong elastic tight long sleeved). special note: 1. Participate in the photo to the original, is strictly prohibited Pirates of the map and the watermark; (2) if there are not in keeping with the theme of photos, we have the right to remove it from the topic; (3) welcome to activities to share with friends, ask a friend to give you praise, but refused to refuse registration account brush praise! activity time: from now until September 24th 14:00 2011-12-17 09:13 upload download attachment (111.15 KB) Air Max 90 with its running shoes and casual shoes dual identity, should win a lot of young friends heart. The same woman shoes must not only the dazzling colorful classic, the black / red / black and Red Bull ash because of the use of the classic colors, will also attracted a lot of female flying plot. This network of black surface material as base material, to coal grey smooth leather decoration package, lace eye, tongue tag, shoe body Swoosh and forefoot outsole with red trim, inlaid on shoes quite dazzling and sharp contrast. The same is also a continuation of the classic black and red color. This section is now available on Titolo, and girls like you can keep a close eye on it. Adidas Originals recently launched a "Rivalry Pack", the small as we recommend one of the Adidas Originals Rivalry Hi, the trend of two kinds of shoes will be retro and feel successful fusion to the minimalist black and white color interpretation, towering upper is also cater to the fashion trends of the day. At present, this kind of shoes has been sold in some designated shops, and friends like you can pay attention to it. "BEACH SOUTH" the south coast of the color from the Lebron 8 out will become popular in the world, since then has become a series of Lebron every generation of color. Overwhelmed, 10 low shoes customization enthusiasts SOLEBROTHA with LeBron as samples, supplemented by the south coast of tones and want to know how effective? Let's enjoy it! /〉Sports players adidas Originals ZX FAMILY new series of shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-09-15 14:05:23 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: kiDulty] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network Sept. 15 news, in terms of retro running shoes, ZX FAMILY adidas Originals is undoubtedly the most popular family's appeal, to date, this classic series fade traditional runway but also continue to usher in a new It changes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; come fall and winter quarter, adidas Originals ZX FAMILY again for the color quality, publish a lot of new color version suitable for the autumn and winter on the streets to show up. These include such calm tones like dark blue, and on top of this to give more color to the active as a decoration, the most special than to clover Logo as a cover to build two monogram, fall and winter quarters want to replace shoes you may wish to take notice. & nbsp; sweep swept away! 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