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The first Air Max1 has a double visual air cushion was born in March 26, 1987, Nike has the technology to commemorate this innovative shoes, it will be in March 26th as Air Max Day. Air this year's Max Day has arrived, and this year is the birth of Max Air 30th anniversary. Nike is a particularly large natural movement. the first to talk about a few more successful in marketing the invited the brightest star campaign for AirMaxDay first talked about the highest degree is invited Wang Junkai to go to the Nike headquarters. is a move to Nike and create a shocked the world history. A micro-blog , the forwarding of millions. The forwarding number in Nike, but the official micro-blog There was no parallel in history. high. These forward do not say 99%, at least 98% Wang Junkai is directed forward. Although Nike in the official announcement said, "this time is invited to visit, did not mention any" endorsement "of relevant content, but such a move, create a topic better. followed by NIKE to Air Max Day made a short film called "KISS MY AIRS", and invited a number of worldwide in the field of all Icon on the interpretation of the annual Giant foot. contains soccer superstar Neymar, G· D, Li Yuchun and red to purple popular actress Ruby Rose et al, the full range of the perfect interpretation of the "WEAR YOUR AIRS" and "KISS MY AIRS". Li Yuchun , the film is set to the time traveler, sitting on a time machine to find yourself in ten years, in the uncertain dystopian world, exploring the underground culture innovation answer for. as the only film star China invited, Li Yuchun fans is boiling away. effect of the brightest star, making the AirMaxDay for more and more people know, and look forward to. new technology -- Nike Air VaporMax blackThis pair of shoes is NIKE Air Max to celebrate the birth of 30th anniversary, took 7 years to complete the improvement. can be seen from the picture above the upper material with excellent support, flexibility and permeability of Flyknit knitting uppers. sole cushion adopts one-piece corrugated large cushion, and the injection of nitrogen in. In addition to the removal before the additional protection of the rubber bottom, to make it more flexible, and feel can feel the air cushion rebound. The massive outsole with TPU new materials, improve the abrasion resistance, slip resistance, durability. this pair of shoes, also will be held tomorrow officially. summer is coming true, Liangtuo occupy half of the country! in early March, Air Jordan 11 Low Barons and Air Jordan 11 Low UNC had a sale, I thought this double the May 27th release of Air Jordan 11 Low Barons is undoubtedly the May champion, but were face reality! take a look at the May shoes market data list. print sales ranking TOP15So the total amount of sales ranking TOP15 This two data list does not exceed your expectation? looks thick to not want to foot Air Jordan 4 Pure Money not only occupy the April sales champion, May is still attractive. $948.00 Air Jordan 11 Low Barons although strong, but only ranked in the sales of second and the sales amount of third. $998.00 also is always differen Cheap foamposites for sale t, this list of slippers occupy half! can guess May selling styles will have a lot of cool slippers, but also how to feed the number of flip flops can account for half of the! of the 7 pair of sandals and slippers are Jordan Hydro 6 $298.00 adidas Duramo Slide $148.00 adidas Superstar 4G Nike Benassi JDI $198.00 Nike WMNS Benassi Duo Ultra $248.00 Jordan Hydro 13 $448.00 Nike Benassi Solarsoft Slides 2 from here can also be seen in the choice of black slippers, more popular, but in the choice of shoes, white is more popular value! Is the first Yeezy 350 V2 Boost white, Golden King Dangdang, the sales amount of 4 Pure Money Jordan index of more than 1/3! $3898.00 Yeezy Boost has almost every shoe sale, the Golden King must be Yeezy. also like Air Jordan 11 Lo〉every man's heart has a knight dream, full of challenges, novelty, a sense of accomplishment. Speeding on a cross-country bicycle, dive deep blue ocean, or jump out of the blue of the sky, or surf board for the waves speeding, or in an avalanche of skiing. all without exception feel strong adrenaline rushes out and quickly through the vascular pulse up, love cycling of you agree or not? men's underwear brand Crusoe released "wake up to the adventure inside you" as the theme of the series of posters, specifically for those who lived a life of adventure or wither and men give up. is love a group of creative advertising! No matter how much pressure you for life, never give up the pursuit of dreams. No risk is the greatest adventure, adventure, you can see a different world.Sports brand Jordan Brand recently brought back this pair of black and white color Team 1 sneakers. Keep the 2002 version of the original, the shoes used in the design of a large area of black leather shoes constitute the main body, through the combination of the inner white leather, white lace and white bottom outline of the classic profile, also in the "Jumpman" followed by a red node as fine decorated. Currently, the shoes have been purchased through the Finish Line, priced at $129.99 U.S. dollars, in addition to white and blue color options. 0.jpg (288.59 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-4 upload at 15:57 1.jpg (566.23 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-4 upload at 15:57 2.jpg (291.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-4 upload at 15:57 3.jpg (271.44 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-4 upload at 15:57 4.jpg (335.84 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-4 upload at 15:57 5.jpg (305.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-4 upload at 15:57Has been to the "original" is the first brand in fashion cowboy Levis Youxian waves, not only playing "White", "Orange" concept of color series, for the first time in the country offering shock Levis canvas shoes / slippers, either High Fashion or Vintage, what other can the tacit understanding, like Levis, is the classic 501? Stylish. The number of the sale of shoes are cut not to be missed! and ordinary canvas shoes, each pair of Levis jeans canvas shoes was given a new life. No two pairs of jeans canvas shoes in the world as like as two peas, Levis collection of jeans in the world, to purify and repeatedly wash water, according to the similarity of color and shape classification until the completion of manual cutting, cutting pieces of different jeans are re combined, constitute the body of the shoe. Hit the nail, purse, yellow car line, before the button bit... So, you unexpected cowboy canvas shoes was born! All of these are all done by hand. The design concept for these shoes into the new super soul, the one and only! except the concept unique cowboy canvas shoes, Levis also launched a variety of styles and canvas shoes, extending into the street fashion culture, very special type. Only comfort, style and Goods are available in all varieties. In March launched a total of 11 men's shoes, a total of 12 models, the price in RMB329 - RMB439. Including the classic monochrome basic series, colorful series, creative mosaic series. The body of the shoe fabrics are not the same, in addition to canvas material, also have leather fabrics increase trend of influenza. Levis canvas shoes shoes design very sense lines, with fine workmanship and sole details, highlighting the professional quality, fine pattern greatly enhanced slip force. 001.jpg (49.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-6-20 15:38 upload 002.jpg (40.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-6-20 15:38 upload 003.jpg (38.4 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-6-20 15:38 upload 004.jpg (45.61 KB, download number: 0) download 〉 save to photo album;Jordan Melo M8 Advance Posted 2013-12-08 22:40:43 lime suit actual performance shoes Jordan Melo M8 Advance recently released another new color, Jordan Brand released a color overwhelmed by a product called "Cement Pack" of suit. The kit contains three colors, each color have stone gray tone, and then were accompanied by navy blue, red and sky blue combination, to create three new color. Recent hope to start the actual shoes friends may wish to refer to this dual Jordan Melo M8 Advance.By the end of , Air Jordan XI "Space Jam" will definitely be another popular expectation. If you don't want to hit your shoes frequently, you can actually consider the improved version of Air Jordan XI Wool". Wool material and suede combined to create uppers, from the figure, similar to charcoal gray settings should be more able to show texture. Since it does not belong to re engraved, so Air Jordan XI "Wool" price is as high as $400, if the domestic sale, it should be 2999 yuan, is expected to shelves at the end of the year, please look forward to. OFF-WHITE and Nike cooperate to tempt the public appetite, after successively exposure including Air Force 1, Air Jordan I, Blazer Mid, Air Max 90 and Air VaporMax, through the A$AP Nast style, the day before in the personal Instagram exposure, another pair of OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Presto also unveiled for the first time. As can be seen from the photos, these Presto shoes still use the word "sewing" and "ink". The white and green two shoelaces are still printed with "SHOELACES"". As with the previous few pairs, the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Presto Virgil Abloh is currently only by? Gift of close friends, specific information is still not released for sale, interested please pay close attention to our follow-up reports.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand dynamics] surging cold north wind blows, is the coldest year, wrapped bloated if you play music still has a per One day, braved the cold also want to try and rushed out the door of the heart? internationally renowned Sportlifestyle brand PUMA 2013 brought several new winter boots, colorful color with pleasant warm in the winter ankle design allows you can lose dull dark, fearless cold wind. Season launch colored creative color and classic shoes couple shoes, leaving the sweet index straight rise. This winter without fear of cold, put on full-trendy shoes PUMA brings together dancing in the winter light, jointly showed off "born players' spirit. warm beauties flash-type winter season, the girls are most afraid of than the chilly wind was stiff limbs, how such a state can have fun? PUMA as you carefully build creative trend of the wind, on the basis of the classic shoes Glyde, ingenuity be coupled with high collar fluffy nylon, like a scarf, wrapped around your feet, for adding some ocean warmth, cold limbs female winter is undoubtedly essential magic out folk songs. The whole painting bright eye-catching design eye-catching and dazzling dark tones in the winter, lets you look back in the limelight. This winter, for the feet to wear the trend of small high collar, warm to play to make the whole winter! High heels are no longer the exclusive domain of the summer, PUMA in winter you consider the full range. The launch of the Sky Wedge used within the higher stealth design allows you to keep tall body type, in the winter also summer blooming infinite charm. Plus solid dazzling leather and animal patterns of anti-fur mix, at the same time highlighting the glamorous and temperament, yet the slightest warmth. Cool tide loving couple with couple with a timeless fashion street shoot theme, therefore, PUMA distinctive couple perfect match for you to explore. Future Suede winter classic models combined with the trend of small high collar Glyde warmth and love make you dance on the streets of his time echoed in the winter cold sweet warming, not only make you a beautiful winter, leaving you warm a winter! wind howling in the city, has become an essential warm snow boots yield, PUMA continues to offer you classic fashion winter boots. The ingenuity to bring winter boots carrying the inter runway, another important sign of PUMA --El Rey classic buckle, highlighting the details of the low-key personality and style trendsetter. Winter boots simple design plus large solid logo, valiant and warm. El Roo heightening snow boots plus velvet modeling will become warm winter male and female students are a good choice. PUMA Disc classic models this winter will again style of interpretation, men and women the same paragraph, so you and him fearless cold winter, whether it is running, jumping or somersaults also, do not worry about other people's eyes. Disc unique locking system will spin two hearts closer, so that movement becomes nothing bondage, pain, happy to play a sport every beat. He gets the hand, to exercise, envy each others! colorful color, innovative design and diverse variety of re-interpretation of classic shoes couple series, PUMA 2013 winter boots must be the favorite choice for girls influx of goods. Winter gives you the best experience with foot and tall stature, so that you and your other half in the winter to warm radiance, vibrant. This winter, followed by PUMA, a little color to the winter, so in the end we have a pretty (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network)!Recently, the well-known apparel companies Anta has always been an exception, third quarter operating situation of a sudden turn for the worse, same store sales growth slipped to the number of units, while the retail discount rate is also expanding. The sporting goods industry in the winter, more than expected earlier, the market shares of motion worries increase, end plate rally. management acknowledged that the two quarter of 2012 the amount of the order of growth will be lower than the first quarter rate of 15%, the next six months to 1 years, the industry will also be full of challenge, has been difficult to ensure that in 2012 three and fourth quarter fair results. In addition, Anta has planned for next year a net increase of 600 to 800 shops, now may also be due to increased number of closed shop, and a downward adjustment. "others do what it do, even the production base are the same, why it can be 15 times of PE, with only 10 times?" The fund industry said that this year, Lining in the trend has a profit warning, that the industry as a whole is a problem, sooner or later turn to Anta. (Editor: admin)Dunkman color design have never been absent since the second generation LeBron James boots, but in recent years with the popularity of LeBron Soldier, Dunkman design also spread to the above. Earlier lucky boots LeBron Soldier 10 A to enjoy on this classic color, and today this section also re release a group shot of beauties, let us enjoy it. item: 844378-103Price: Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-01-800pix.jpg (239.98 KB, download number: 4) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-24 12:56 upload Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-10-800pix.jpg (204.44 KB, download number: 3) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-24 12:58 upload Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-08-800pix.jpg (253.7 KB, download number: 3) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-24 12:58 upload Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-11-800pix.jpg (286.68 KB, download number: 3) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-24 12:58 upload Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-07-800pix.jpg (217.26 KB, download number: 4) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman 0 figure beauty appreciation