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Since its appearance in November last year, Adidas NMD R2 has gained many fans from . More colors will be released this year, including the Adidas NMD R2 designed in light grey color. Simple collocation, refreshing style, socks are becoming more and more attractive in this warmer season. Nike Waffle Racer is Nike's classic shoes, was born in 1977. This pair of shoes for Nike recently launched an upgraded version of Nike Roshe Waffle Racer shoes, whole body with navy blue color, only in the tongue with white Nike logo, it is reported that the shoes price is 100 dollars, has now landed in designated shops. in October 29th, the first "Chinese sports shoes and apparel enterprises in science and technology innovation seminar" was held in Jinjiang in Fujian. The meeting promoted by the State Ministry of science and technology, Chinese Productivity Center Association, Quanzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Jinjiang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Jinjiang Guohui shoes co.. the meeting aims to promote the healthy development of Chinese professional sports industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in science and technology innovation industry, to enhance the technology content of sports equipment China give advice and suggestions. The national Ministry of science and technology China Productivity Promotion Center Association Secretary General Mr. Cheng Guolai, Mr. Wu Qingbin, vice mayor of J jordan 3 katrina 2018 injiang, vice president China leather and footwear industry research institute assistant Mr. Yan Huaidao, the German company novel Mr. Norman, of Xingtai Polytechnic College in Hebei, Mr. Chen Nianhui and company president Guosi Mr. Ding Guohui speech at the seminar, from Germany, Hongkong and China 6 the speaker made a keynote speech. from home and abroad more than 20 experts and scholars have carried out research on the "sports shoes and apparel technology innovation" theme, and resoon sports developed and applied to CBA sports equipment on the forming technology of air damping in-depth communication and exchanges. It is reported that, by the national authorities tested, CBA sports equipment "shaped air shock absorber" running shoes, damping effect reached the international advanced level. The utility model can achieve good protection effect and effectively reduce sports injury. meeting, conference organizer of Jinjiang Guohui shoes company also with the German novel company signed a "Sino German cooperation agreement, and Biomechanics Laboratory of China Institute of Sport Science signed sneakers shock absorption technology project cooperation agreement with Xingtai Polytechnic College in Hebei, the establishment of the Fujian sports shoes production base" the agreement with Wenzhou Luyi shoe technology R & D center signed a cooperation agreement with the Guangdong science and technology, Dongguan shoe Cheap foamposites for sale materials engineering technology research center of science and technology cooperation agreement signed 5 important agreements. at the end of the end of the morning after the meeting, the experts came to Guohui enterprises, company president Mr. Ding Guosi Guohui respectively with the German novel company Mr. Norman, Mr. Chen Nianhui of Xingtai Polytechnic College in Hebei with the "German biomechanics laboratory, Xingtai Polytechnic College in Hebei - Fujian sports shoes production base" was inaugurated. after the opening ceremony, accompanied by Ding Zong, the experts of Guohui enterprises production base, test center, technology research center for a visit. During the visit, the experts of Guohui enterprises good product quality, brand concept and advanced) yesterday afternoon, "Chinese shoes are the footwear industry development seminar" held in the south of 15 star hotel conference room, from Wu Chun, Ai Miner, more than 20 enterprises such as Chengdu kameiduo shoes entrepreneurs are excited, "we feel that Chengdu shoe has been hitherto unknown attention!" In order to achieve a new breakthrough in Chengdu footwear industry, Wuhou District also invited the leaders of Chongzhou and Jintang to gather together to discuss the development of footwear industry. global network [this season] shoes - new plush suede boots popular bloom. For the double pursuit of quality and style, LACOSTE FOOTWEAR for Cheap foamposites for sale each quarter of new product design can be a strenuous effort. This effort should be affirmed, because LACOSTE FOOTWEAR let us easily have a warm winter season, do not worry about the loss of temperature, but still can Hold live the most self fashion style. Especially for girls' care, LACOSTE FOOTWEAR has been doing their best. LACOSTE FOOTWEAR shoes, from the temptation of Monteiro LACOSTE FOOTWEAR shoes, from the temptation of Monteiro Daft Punk, a French legendary electronic band, brings together a limited T-Shirt series with street brand DARKDRON and artist Emanuele Taglietti. Inspired by Daft Punk's second studio album "Discovery" in "High Life" and the classic "Veridis Quo", created by Taglietti two and Cult with a little taste of erotic prints with black Daft Punk Logo, 70s Italy reproduce the popular Giallo black literature and the movie atmosphere. the two T-Shirt will be on sale at MADE LA from 8 to 10 June. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!THE Kooples recently released its 18 spring / summer collection, bringing a range of shirts, coats, T-shirts and pants, and lookbook's matching skills. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free s cheap air jordans hoes, true and false identification services, you experience! The function of brand 1000 day before Deaths for the United States to create a new series of single product line 1KCorp. The new series is based on a variety of single items and accessories from Champion, and runs through black soul tones. Among them, black vest printing Hoodie and abstract industrial embroidery camouflage long sleeve T-Shirt is absolutely bright spot. The 1KCorp new line is now on sale at the brand online store, priced at about $$80. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!You should have seen the earlier Nike SB in the spring of 2010 shoes and clothing preview, today announced the Nike SB Dunks for all the 2010 summer shoes. The first exposure includes two Dunk SB Low, two Dunk and two Dunk SB Mid SB Hi. one of the most watched Eric Koston Dunk SB Low has been the first to you see, the other two black / grey and black / yellow Dunk SB Mid also must not be ignored, in addition to the rest of the two black / orange and black / purple Dunk SB Hi is the focus of one of the shoes. As a dead Dunk SB fans, please be sure to pay attention to their future more subsequent messages. The warriors were the championship parade in Oakland, in which fans up to 1 million 500 thousand pe jordans on sale mens ople, Under Armour to mark the occasion, to create a new metal color Curry 4; Parade". Today Nicekicks Under Armour Curry took a group of picture 4 "Parade", the color to NBA champion Larry · Obrien trophy for inspiration, a large area of the golden shoe body rendering, weaving in part by the low-key black show, in contrast with the dazzling gold. At present, Under Armour has not yet announced Curry 4 release date, once sold, which color will you choose?Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai, will bring the French graffiti artist , André, and Saraiva's personal exhibit in July. André by creating Mr.A, this highly recognizable cartoon logo is well known. because of his bold and colorful (especially pink) graffiti, he has also worked with LOUIS, VUITTON, A, BATHING, , APE:registered: and UNIQLO to launch goods, fashions or exhibitions. this exhibition is from July 15, 2017 to September 16th, and friends who are interested in graffiti or Mr.A may visit the site at that time. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! New York Street creative unit, KNOW WAVE, has brought a whole new line of T-Shirt series for the 2017 summer / spring season. Design in addition to the signature "Wavelength" as the main outside, but also into the "Single Pop" and "Multiple Angles" and "On Air" and other interesting patterns, combined with blue, green powder, fresh colors show. pricing from $40 dollars, the current series of T-Shirt has been purchased through the official website of Moran Bondaroff. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!for many years, the Olympic ceremony has always been the world of foreign brands, and the arrival of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has brought good opportunities for the development of national sports brand. With the footsteps of the 08 Olympic Games approaching, the major domestic sports brand marketing battle quietly started. In these sports brand, accounting for most of the movement of the market of Quanzhou entrepreneurs is mustering the strength to have signed the International Olympic Committee, sponsored the Olympic team, pushing the Olympic brand advertising, public welfare activities of the Olympic Games in China, on the stage of the Olympic marketing launched a "hundred meter run". XTEP Ding Shuibo: 200 million gamble, build international brand in the Shanghai Si Ji Hotel room, the reporter and XTEP President Ding Shuibo talked about the Olympic topic. The self proclaimed ancestors from the Persian Gulf, the name "Aladdin" and "Ding", said the Fujian Mandarin generation of XTEP founder, do not find the characteristics of the distant desert people, but the words often reveal that refuse to be cowed or submit working spirit. in the summer of 1987, the 17 year old Ding Shuibo and two sworn brothers of a business, raising 1500 yuan founded Sanxing shoemaking craft factory. And now, XTEP has 2 shoe factories, 1 shoe factories, as well as embroidery, high frequency, printing, compound, mold and other ancillary factories, more than 4000 employees, has become the third domestic sports brand. However, brand building and production capacity, process improvement are entirely different. Ding Shuibo naturally knows where the gap between the two is. in the Olympic marketing this hundred meters athletics, Ding Shuibo want to rely on the differential marketing concern, "the footwear brand, we finally entered the brand, always late to work harder, more color". And other sports brand emphasizes different sports professional Ding Shuibo believes that XTEP emphasizes the entertainment, life, our target customers are college students and middle school students, they have their own entertainment idols, so we invited the entertainment star athletes not to engage in activities, issued a limited edition merchandise." The XTEP Olympic film invited 4 Hongkong entertainment stars to shoot. However, before shooting the Olympic blockbuster, XTEP's Olympic marketing has already started. The title of "XTEP Olympic train", won the exclusive naming rights of the "express delivery", won the "2008 Olympic final broadcast live patch advertisement", and XTEP's step was very small. "with the Olympic marketing, terminal construction will be an important guarantee for sales."." XTEP has launched a "big plan", the existing store store area to expand, transformation of image, and plans to transfer some stores to lots of gold. At present, 1600 square meters of Olympic concept shop has been on the market. 361 : 08 years.)Born in 1969, Adidas Superstar in development continuously for half a century by all the love, and the adidas once again for this sign of footwear launched a fully revamped version. I see a new still by simpleyet classic black and white tone, but a look will find out of the ordinary itsmaterial. This brand is more prominent with the texture of the leather as raw material, material texture particularly clear, highlighting the extraordinary quality of overall design. adidas-superstar-animal-white-black-1.jpg (70.89 KB, download number: 10) download adidas Superstar new design 2016-3-13 09:41 upload adidas-superstar-animal-white-black-2.jpg (128.82 KB, download number: 12) download adidas Superstar new design 2016-3-13 09:41 upload adidas-superstar-animal-white-black-3.jpg (139.94 KB, download number: 9) download adidas Superstar new design 2016-3-13 09:41 upload Superstar, Adidas, Adidas, fashion life, basketball 00