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The Jordan Super.Fly 4 is the next installment of the Jordan Super.Fly series set to release from Jordan Brand. This silhouette is one of the more popular shoes from the brand aside from their Air Jordans series. Advertisment Adding some upgrades while keeping its traditional look, the Jordan Super.Fly 4 is built with a one-piece, no-sew base that offers mesh detailing for lightweight breathability. The shoe keeps its Zoom cushioning that looks to be complete with FlightPlate. An external heel counter is built on the back for stability for the foot for all motion movement. As of right now there is no exact release date set for the first launch of the Jordan Super.Fly 4, as reports have them debuting later this October 2015. Check out the detailed photos of one of the upcoming releases as well as a few other colorways below and let us know what your first thoughts of the silhouette are in the comments section? Source: US11 as Nike now as hot shoes money, Free Flyknit Mercurial can be said to be sitting in Sneakerhead absolute popularity. This will once again usher in a new color "Game Royal", the shoe body mainly Flyknit knitting technology to build, respectively with blue and white as the main theme, the shoe body Swoosh Logo by toe extending to the top of the shoe side, the instep position to join red, yellow arrow Ju Griphook detail embellishment, finally carrying Free 5 with white bottom ink element as the ornament, bending of the pit also provides a natural and comfortable wearing feeling. It is reported that the shoes will be on the Titolo online store shelves, priced at $250 U.S. dollars.Blends and Vault By Vans once again launched jointly, jointly launched by Old Skool Style 36 is modeled to cre Cheap foamposites for sale ate the shoe, the shoe body made of black leather quality building, and the Vans V logo shoes sideways into the white stripes of bones. This joint shoes will be available online on March 11th. adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 new color "Cream White" will be on sale this month, this has a high popularity of the shoes will be white YISHION debut. The shoes will be accepted at 16 U. S. on April 26th, and will be available on April 29th. As for when to sell in Greater China, please pay close attention to our follow-up reports.Date: 2015-3-2 fan commissioning editor: HD: Inspiration from the field of team cohesion KOBE X VINO in the 19 year basketball occupation career, Kobe - Bryant (Kobe Bryant) always adhere to challenge his teammates, whether rookie or veteran, all members shall by virtue of hard training and conviction, to maximize their own advantages and success.Charles Barkley this time will be on sale Nike Air Force Max CB2 Hyperfuse, shoes body using Hyperfuse technology to replace the previous ordinary leather material, shoes lighter quantification. In terms of color matching, the cool grey vamp is black, while the pink outsole is bright. It is reported that the number of shoes for sale in February 28th, priced at 616761-003, $150. source: SIZE weave injection! / Adidas Originals ZX 500 OG Weave woven version, fresh debut / New Balance 2014 spring summer ML999 Cherry Blossom" comments on : weaving injection! / Adidas Originals ZX 500 OG Weave woven version next article: fresh debut / New Balance 2014 spring summer ML999 Cherry Blossom" luxury trapeze Jordan Shine this is a marked Jordan Brand into the luxury fashion shoes, although it is still not released commercially available information, but the Russell jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black Westbrook Pro red version has repeatedly denied the film, recently the price of a $400 luxury trapeze and exposure of the black version, perhaps Jordan Shine of a commercially available date is near, love friends may wish to enjoy. 1 2 next page , page one, next page, Australian Open fever, Nike, Air, Tech, Challenge, II, new color design, "Backhand", next page review since 2000, sports shoes in sports celebrity endorsements, idol endorsement, product diversification development, sports sponsorship, store management, construction of industrial parks have maintained a homogeneous step amazing. "". As early as in 1999, Anta with "CCTV + sports star" way, and rapidly enhance sales, rapid development. In the next few years, according to statistics, more than 40 Quanzhou sports brands have imitated this "made card" approach, and have invited stars and cctv. in addition, sports shoes enterprises "vigorous" "listing campaign" has also attracted the support and attention of the sports administrative departments and the government. It is reported that the city of Jinjiang for supporting the listing of enterprises set up special funds, companies can get at least 4 million of the financial subsidies, and comprehensive guidance and support for the enterprises in the listing qualification, procedures, risk assessment, economic research etc.. In this regard, experts said, although the Fujian listed sports shoes enterprises are also very few, but the reserve forces listed enough, these shoes enterprises not only highly qualified, and after years of preparation, for the understanding of the capital market also strengthened a lot, capital operation ability has been greatly improved. brand is th jordan shoes online sale e soul of an enterprise, and is an intangible value beyond the entities such as products. And brand awareness, identity, reputation, loyalty and other consumers are closely related to the brand impression, is an internal force that can bring effectiveness to enterprises and consumers. Therefore, Anta's sports marketing means of communication arise; at the same time, CCTV-5's professional sports media platform is the first choice of brand value transfer tools. Signing spokesmen also open Anta focus on sports marketing blue ocean door. Beginning in 1999, the spokesman has Kong Linghui, Battelle, Wang Hao, Feng Kun and other athletes, these athletes sports spirit and sports values, Anta brand value injected vitality. domestic professional sports brand PEAK CEO Xu Zhihua said, "in the face of rising prices of raw materials, enterprises can not be cost pressure to the consumer, should start from the brand building, the added value of products, enhance the bargaining space, thereby enhancing the ability to control risk." The industry experts said, "in the rising costs and increased competition in the industry context, the brand value competition has become the ultimate competition between enterprises, and enhance brand value has become the survival of enterprises today."." in China, many small and medium-sized shoe enterprises started to realize the self value of its own brand, please spokesperson for the promotion of the brand, this brand will not only build out, can also form better affinity with consumers. For small and medium-sized shoes enterprises, to the hearts of the people as their own brand of technology support, I believe it can open how to break through this idea, and cater to the consumer psychology. no Cheap air jordans for sale wadays, with the fierce competition in the market, more and more shoes enterprises are facing the "Red Sea" of homogenization competition September, wantaisheng's "U.S.POLO ASSN." business activities held in Jinjiang in 2010 spring and summer new conference, officially launched the zero inventory to join the new mode, become Jinjiang enterprises orders during the peak, one of the most eye-catching highlights. previously, Jinjiang sports brand, knoch has launched bedat also joined the "zero inventory" mode. Jinjiang sports brand is so keen to join the "zero inventory" phenomenon, to reminiscent of Adidas recently came to raise a Babel of criticism of inventory "incident" inventory "has become a popular term for this year. in such a situation, in order to attract franchisees to expand the terminal, Jinjiang sports brands have launched "zero inventory" phenomenon is not difficult to understand. However, affected by the financial crisis, "zero inventory" franchise can produce the expected effect? "Zero inventory" to join, can become the next terminal model of it? For the vast number of enterprises in Jinjiang, what is the reference value and inspiration? "zero inventory" does not mean no inventory literally, "zero inventory" seems to mean no inventory, but in fact, Jin enterprises have implemented "zero inventory" does not mean that there is no inventory. " " zero inventory "is not meant no inventory, but inventory will be reduced to a minimum, mainly refers to not allow the franchisee to assume any inventory risk, stock company uniform small back to discount stores selling processing mode." Knoch brand center director Yuanzhang Tang explained. "for example, businesses can target a product to try to foamposites for cheap sell rauchfuss, first set a small amount of goods, the market effect of feedback according to the actual situation, with the company's orders, this way can effectively avoid businesses because of the area and the judgment of the market and lead to poor sales of the goods occurs." as the "zero inventory" mode to join one of the pioneers of Kilinochchi, take the "zero inventory management, direct" franchise model, namely mobile order mode for all stores using direct management, a quarter of goods 100% withdraw original way of operation. "zero inventory" in the implementation of a year after joining rauchfuss "market, the effect is very good, since the implementation, we in the country has continued to have dozens of stores, and in the near future will also have a number of stores opened." Tang Yuanzhang to knoch's own example, tells the story of the "zero inventory" to join in the terminal expansion on the "immediate" effect. as the "zero inventory" joining mode of new entrants -- wantaisheng, the franchise model is mainly in the brand and price competitive advantage on the basis of the "protected area", is to ensure that the dealer's goods have higher profit margins compared with common brand, for some)this year, is well-known sports brand's signature Reebok shoes Reebok Instapump Fury established the first 20 years, the major trend of fashion units and Reebok launched a joint planning, leaving this wonderful wonderful memories. The Reebok Fan invited Major from Washington, to create a 20th anniversary Major x Reebok Instapump Fury joint commemorative shoes, shoes inspired overwhelmed emergency oxygen masks, special aerated cage on white with eye-catching orange, very unique It is its car suture have adopted the 3M reflective design, to build streets night sharp, very interesting atmosphere. This time the shoes will be on sale recently at its designated store, interested friends may pay more attention.New Jersey renowned worldwide famous shoe store a few days ago to join Packer Shoes FILA create joint shoes, the brand's classic FX-100 is modeled inspired heyday golden years of Hip-Hop culture, white shoes overall build quality leather shoes body, rendering green ankle strap and outsole, shoe body and tongue both the use of red and green brand Logo blessing. Shoes retains overall atmosphere of the 1990s, retro strong smell, I believe that the shoes will become the darling friend chase retro product, it is learned that the shoes will be the Christmas holidays designated shops for sale in the brand, priced at $ 100, a sense of Interested friends may wish to look at it. Reebok Kamikaze 1 "Orlando Magic" color outflow 2014-02-24 21:00:33 Camp brief but brilliant career, after leaving the Cavaliers in 2000, he was almost totally ineffective, in 2003 retired from the Orlando Magic, Genghis since then sink like a stone. This magic color of Reebok Kamikaze 1 may precisely in order to commemorate the fall of genius, but also remind us not squander their talent. This color will be on sale in the near future, like friends can look carefully. reinventing classic 2013-12-09 00:09:52 I believe that for a Sneaker, whether you are a retro love running shoes, basketball shoes or soft spot, will not resist the temptation to bring a pair of shoes, it was the god of basketball Michael Jordan opened a second three consecutive boots, which had been working day and night, just because Jordan wanted to wear in the playoffs that year, beautiful patent leather and elastic nylon mesh uppers plus carbon fiber design it has become Sneaker History undisputed king, these shoes is the Air Jordan 11. It can be said, as long as the launch site for any history major Sneaker shoes selection, as long as there is the figure of Air Jordan 11, then the championship will not be other shoes. upper material is probably the reason, we all know, the first year of the launch of Air Jordan 11 not as many colors as other shoes, but each color they are unable to go beyond the classic, precisely because of this, we For the love of the Air Jordan 11 is the kind of pure, until this double new Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" birth, Air Jordan 11 finally caught up with the rhythm of the times. is a classic? Or a trend? mixed the Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" In this double Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" was first exposed on the network, people of color for this pair of Air Jordan 11 some weird started a lively discussion, in the eyes of many people, Air Jordan 11 as if Only then several color can be called a classic, but that's the charm of Air Jordan 11, even in the first thing you see when you do not attract in the coming days, you will find this pair of Air Jordan 11 " Gamma Blue "attitude will over time slowly changed, Air Jordan 11 outstanding design itself so that it could interpret the various color schemes, low-key domineering, for this pair of Air Jordan 11" Gamma Blue "best interpretation, and "Gamma" This particular blue in later years will become a classic can not go beyond. "Tinker Made Them Shine & nbsp;. & Nbsp; Mike Made Them Fly & nbsp;. & Nbsp; You Made Them Iconic" It is written in Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" and in recent years the engraved version Air Jordan 11 shoe three sentences on: Tinker gives it life, Michael let it fly, and you, but it glory forever. colorful market trends and classic crash out of the Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" Today, the market is colorful shoes, all kinds of shoes in the introduction of a variety of color versions, Air Jordan shoes along with this trend also launched a number of special color of the shoes, just when our eyes overwhelmed, Air Jordan 11, this supreme in our hearts along with brand new boots so color appears in front of us, maybe some people will be too sudden and unacceptable, but then calm down, this pair of Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" on like a modern technology with the ancient art of combining modeling, people will, over time, gradually feel from the deepest shock. crazy before Christmas Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" release date I do not know when to begin, the annual December doomed extraordinary, perhaps because of Christmas, but also perhaps because of positive year-end, but for those of us Sneaker for only one reason, and that is on sale in December The shoes are the most heavyweight of the year, of course, two days before Christmas, must belong to Air Jordan 11's, this pair Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" will be officially on sale at 21 December 2013, this also our best Christmas gift. Nike Zoom Revis "Wolf Grey" is about two days before the sale 2013-12-08 22:49:29 LeBron James on his instagram released a wearing Nike Zoom Revis "Wolf Grey" photographs, It shall designer shoes Lebron series 2-6 generations designer Ken Link. This time the wolf gray color of the Nike Zoom Revis be on sale, like a friend can pay close attention to what this dual-function type of strong shoes.