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The day before from the Copenhagen famous shoes store Naked and Asics launched a joint cooperation, and the two sides to choose Gel Lyte V as a blueprint, and color design inspiration from the city, black orange and mint green with a shoe body, and supplemented by ink jet modification in the "well" of Logo, showing the whole good the trend for our taste. It is learnt that the shoes will be sold in the Naked shop in August 18th and will be sold at designated stores later.Although youth can not return, but young people will never stop the foot of the road; all the way to find, find all the way, all the way to live their own kind, as long as they are on the road, there is always "now" story happened! AdidasNEO Label encourages every young person on the road to live in the present, live wonderful, "all the way now.""!& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] TaylorMade - adidas Golf (TaylorMade-adidasGolf) is the world's largest and profitability of the best golf equipment, apparel and footwear manufacturing company, recently announced that its third-quarter global sales of 280 million US dollars (about 210 million euros). As of September, TaylorMade - adidas Golf's total sales have been up to $ 1.3 billion (about 981 million euros). Cheap foamposites for sale During the year, the company sold irons, footwear and apparel categories have been enhanced over the last year increased by 3%, 13% and 4%. It accounted for more than half of its total global sales of the US market, compared with last year also received a 3 percent increase in sales. Over the past ten years, TaylorMade Metal Woods has been the clear leader in the field, and in 2011, occupy a leading position in irons, and now, golf footwear sales also has risen to second place in the market. TaylorMade - adidas Golf CEO and president Mark - gold (Mark King) look forward to continued growth in the golf shoe category, it is expected that category topped the list in 2015. "TaylorMade with a strong ball with equipment sales, as well as steady growth in golf shoes and clothing, we are expected to break through the $ 2 billion in 2015 sales performance." Mark - King said, "While the United States in 2013 Metal Woods size of the market shrink 10 percent compared with last year, the number of golfers playing field by 6%, but we believe that the industry will rebound in 2014. " TaylorMade irons continue to maintain its leading position in the market, accounting for 27 percent of US market share in irons, mainly due to the success of RocketBladez rocket Feng iro Cheap foamposites for sale ns and a new front wing hardcore SpeedBlade recently listed in the retail market. SpeedBlade irons front wing is able to play a long distance, and have a greater fault-tolerant, high-performance club. The reason why these two hardcore competitive products stand out from many, mainly because they are integrated TaylorMade acceleration trough technologies. This technology means that the bottom of the 3-7 irons feature a deep trench, enabling a larger area face bending at the ball and rebound to the achievements of the ball faster, produce higher trajectory and to create a better shot feel. sales growth is also reflected in the recent acquisition of Adams TaylorMade companies. Also in the field putter TaylorMade global sales compared to last year have double-digit growth. This is mainly due TaylorMade has a "balance weight" Design Daddy Long Legs selling putter in the market. TaylorMade Golf Tour pro Justin - Rose using weight balanced putter dominate in the US Open in June, which further promoted the putter sales in the retail market increased significantly. Last season, TaylorMade Golf Company announced that 2013 is the second consecutive time in the first half to break $ 1 billion in sales. So far this year, companies in the US market accounted for Metal W cheap foamposites oods 38% market share. Last week, TaylorMade Tour pro Dustin - Johnson (Dustin Johnson) SLDR use TaylorMade Driver won the World Championships held in China - HSBC Champions title. Meanwhile, SLDR Tour Driver is the highest utilization rate and the best-selling Driver model. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.) [shoes - shoes, watch] mulatto bloom charm, two times in 3 consecutive years, the basketball legend 6 NBA championship rings of the hero is the title of the famous NBA star Michael Jordan, became general manager of NBA Sherlock Bobcats team. He retired at the basketball court habits, Jordan brand basketball shoes also shine, engraved each year and dazzling shape of different styles, brands to become the favorite basketball hero in 6, Jordan Rings turned out to make the course more offbeat scenery, a collection of parts AJ shoes the essence of shoe body composed of high-end carbon fiber and nylon material, the only significant domineering style, the upper lateral Jumpman logo and tongue '96' 97 '98 "shows the Jordan fight of the year when the sign of the double mixing The clever design of blood son is against the persistence of J cheap jordans ordan to basketball, and we will never forget the amazing shock brought by him. (Global shoes Network - the most authoritative Chinese shoes Network minor editor) Jordan 6 Rings - Carbon Fiber shoes Jordan 6 Rings - Carbon Fiber shoesAlthough didn't want to admit it, the number of years I watch last year and finally to two digits. You see the first star or all star in Las Vegas in 2007 that year, Kobe recorded a dunk into my door and put the mall for 3 years Nike posters, still in junior high school every day I see the posters are inexplicably excited, now think the poster is really in a very long period of time are just my youth. number from 2007 to 2017, the place from Las Vegas into New Orleans, Jordan Brand released the All Star Series "Gotta Shine", a symbol of the NBA once a year Party every player has become the focus of the opportunity. not only that, "Gotta Shine" also to Michael Jordan tribute, 1982 New Orleans NCAA finals, Michael Jordan of North Carolina into the winning goal, the key moment of the blow open the Michael Jordan basketball legend Road, also shine a basket ball memory of a generation. in accordance with the original provisions, Sherlock Hornets will host the 2017 NBA all star weekend, but Sherlock's North Carolina passed a Retro jordans for sale law rejection of homosexuality in March of this year, New Orleans to become an all star new host. But Jordan Brand of the all star shoes with the symbol of Sherlock 'six side rhombic honeycomb pattern did not change. Air Jordan 31 "Gotta Shine" honeycomb pattern appeared in the tongue Air Jordan 6 "Gotta Shine" honeycomb pattern appeared in the heel in the side tongue is a symbol of Sherlock hornet LOGO in addition to the symbol of Sherlock Hornets six side diamond honeycomb pattern Logo, "Gotta Shine" also uses special bee wings purple green gradient color theme, especially in all the shoes and shoes to take the lead in Air Jordan 31 followed by TPU, it is worth mentioning that, Air Jordan 31 weaving vamp uses the six side rhombic honeycomb pattern. honeycomb weaves vamp head shoelace purple green gradient Jordan Brand the tournament's Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker and Kevin Love Carmelo Anthony who was selected to the all star race. Russell · "Heller Brown on Nike "shoes crazy will" come to an end 2013-12-08 22:40:54 October 31 evening, in this Halloween night, the brightest Nike Sneaker enthusiasts gathered in Shanghai brand experience stores, the latest one was held Heller Brown "crazy shoes will be" period of Nike. Site not only shows the many pairs of Lebron himself on foot combat had precious shoes, Nike staff also is the brightest Sneaker enthusiasts to explain the latest design concepts Nike Lebron 10, and invited you for the well-known & nbsp; Sneakerhead, let They live with a friend about his story Lebron shoes and introduced his precious collections, these stories may come from the little emperor, might anecdotes from his collection of shoes, may also come from the fans themselves and shoes rub out sparks. With shoes and friends, this is Nike held "crazy shoes will be" the main purpose in the country, so that people who love shoes gathered together to share their insights shoes!& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] According to the US "New York Daily News," January 11 reported that the United States Portland, Oregon, a young man brutally beaten others, wearing sneakers The other head kick into injuries, harm the other party had to accept plastic surgery, therefore man jailed for 100 years. The results man was looking for Nike's stubble, said he was feet wearing Nike shoes, Nike accused without prior warning this shoe can be as dangerous assault weapons, causing his heart did not count and only then the other injury was so severe. He filed a lawsuit this company, also a big opening claims $ 100 million. This is the name of the man is 26-year-old hit the ????????? Clardy, is a pimp. Incident occurred in June 2012, when he let his brokered a 18-year-old woman to a man in prostitution, after the man refused to pay, he would fight. Allegedly, Clardy wearing Nike sneakers vicious kicked the man in the head, causing facial men suffered heavy losses, not only to needle nose even plastic surgery. Clardy also beat that were forced into prostitution 18-year-old woman. For this offense, Clardy last July was sentenced to up to 100 years imprisonment, to be served at least 36 years to apply for parole. He was then held to a prison in Pendleton, Oregon, recently he is here to Nike proceedings. In the complaint, Clardy wrote, "According to relevant regulations, for the presence of potentially dangerous goods, manufacturers should provide adequate warning or explanation, so that people have a reasonable understanding." Clardy also asked a judge Nike ordered affix warning labels on their production of sports shoes. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.) on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on,last year, will be launched by the popular sneaker Don C x Air Jordan at 2, recently will once again usher in a new color. Beach shoes color collocation a gold yellow tag, as a whole is very clean and also match the top full texture of the fire red hat. The series will be officially launched at the end of this month, the specific details of the sale are as follows: C x Air Jordan 2DonDate: 01/30/16ReleaseBeach/Metallic Gold-University RedColor:Style #: 834825-250source: jordanam for the Zoom SNKRS City Station in the morning, I believe we are still impressed by the internal display. This shows a variety of rare nike shoes, a variety of colors of the exhibition hall this time for everyone to bring about the official launch of the X KOBE this weekend, "All-Star" color of the fine map, a look at it. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: sneakerpolitics