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The last time the Mr.Cartoon and Vans Syndicate joint time long past ten years ago, the blue black and white shoes have been composed in the deep in the minds of many Vans enthusiasts. Ten years later, Mr.Cartoon and Vans Syndicate jointly again, intention engraved classic - this time is Vans Syndicate to return to the line of sight of people, after a lapse of several days. Compared to the 2005 Joint colorful, the shoes seem to be more after the time of precipitation. shoes are still based on the production of a pair of Authentic "S" design, the body of the shoe head and tail are used black canvas washed, the side is still the clown pattern - this is Mr.Cartoon most representative works, but in black color processing. The insole is UltraCush HD professional cushioning insole, draw a female Angel image, followed by a special write the words 2005-2015. The shoe heel by standard relief design, write Vans Syndicate words, also equipped with a white box drawer, also the same as the surface of shoe heel insole pattern present. number: VN-0EFPGJMWeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog ??????asics gel strike hair with color cute headband I freaking love these colors But I have vowed to not bleach my hair for at least the next years lol But it s tempting ring with bracelet gold Apples Marshmallows and PB Hillbilly Teeth for Haunted Garage Party gel strike hair with color cute headband &nb" /〉 nike tanger outlet mebane nc Tuscany Italy asics gel strike hair with color cute headband I freaking love these colors But I have vowed to not bleach my hair for at least the next years lol But it s tempting Australian Street brand Goods Butter recently brought 2016 fall series Lookbook. Full reversal of Rolex, Polo Sport and MasterCard logo taste and hip hop flavor, reflecting the brand of Australian blood, printing on T-shirt styles of jazz and Pin-up girls also Akira was this. The fusion of various types of culture of the blood series will be landing in February 27th brand stores, online stores in February 29th on sale. source: HYPEBEASTNIKE Air Footscape Chukka Woven last year of the boom we should remember that? This was a lot of feet on the trend of celebrity shoes popular demonstration, although irregular stitching shoes has become a classic, but every time I see a new color, as if will bring a new visual impact. "Gorge Green" fruit green version of this to introduce to different levels of light green to match the black upper, blowing a fresh breath of spring and summer! design, full of vamp, enough to control all occasions and match, PHYLON midsole cushioning and stability FREE sole design combined with strong connotations should not be underestimated. Given Nike Air Footscape rainbow before weaving section was sold out early, but also overwhelmed by knitting boom has not yet faded, it estimated that the new color will also popular, but "Gorge Green" the official release date has not been finalized, and everybody interested parties must Retailers good communication familiar friends. & nbsp;Tokyo shoes upstart BILLY 'S once again invited to Vans launch this season to do note series, BILLY' S theme color black and pink for the main Vans were injected into the classic shoes Old Skool and Slip-O Retro jordans for sale n Checkerboard, not only joined the classic checkered elements of Vans, will be more different from the left and right there 4 edges are used to show different ways, Yuanyang color effect. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! New Balance designer has always been good at integrating all kinds of resources in the brand, will be under the new technology and traditional shoes fusion, to create a new shoe with "Hybrid" and "Remix" design concept, such as the combination of classic style 574 vamp and sole FRESHFOAM equipped with shock absorption technology, the launch of MFL574 shoes. And now the brand once again on the New Balance 574, Fresh Foam upgrade, making it more life. suede and mesh upper material to create more conducive to daily wear and color collocation, also use the gray and black all-match, coupled with a bright red dotted in the bottom. In terms of technology, the biggest highlight of the MFL574 is the Fresh Foam midsole - resilient, multi density foam with honeycomb geometry that gives the wearer a great experience. The inner concave honeycomb can reduce the pressure of the foot and knee and ankle during landing, and the outer convex honeycomb provides effective support, so that the foot feels flexible and smooth all the time. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! to 90s classic air max2 CB as a prototype, combined with Buckley at the 1992 Olympic Games outstanding performance, Nike specially engraved the double air max2 CB '94 "USA" color; the American Dream Team theme modified, the overall theme of sense is quite strong. The color Chinese version is still available for sale, the price of 1099 yuan, is now bringing the fine physical map of shoes. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! Source: sneakerpolitics& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] 25 years ago, Reebok with a small air pump to create a wonderful "tongue" on, Reebok will be the great and interesting invention called PUMP. From the birth of the first pair of sports shoes ReebokThe Pump Pump Series to the 2014 version for the first time ReebokPump Fury OG engraved, Reebok with 25 years beyond the boundaries of science and technology to prove Pump time. PUMP occasion of the 25th anniversary of the advent of science and technology, Reebok Reebok joint capital tide shoe store famous DEAL held bustling boutique shoe exhibition activities. did not enter the exhibition, the entrance huge inflatable columns and bright orange jump already people feel PUMP burst of "infinite energy." The exhibition of "shoes came time" as the dividing line, highlight the PUMP Series family of seven important shoes, basketball shoes, including PumpOmni Lite, Pump Graphite running shoes, Pump Omni Zone basketball shoes, Pump Court Victory Tennis Shoes, Pump Dual Running running shoes, Blacktop Battleground basketball shoes, InstaPump Fury retro running shoes ...... deconstructing the airbag structure from PUMP to legend related posters, a comprehensive review of 25 years of extraordinary PUMP science and technology experience, the memory of those past moments So eleven were aroused. Meanwhile, 2014 also is the youngest of the family PUMP avant-garde, most identity of Insta Pump Fury shoes 20 birthday, Reebok launched its birthday "special joint planning" for the first time in China collective stunning debut, causing a sharp scene called not small. Memories, sigh, is excited about all the emotions are in this together, an orange stream is surging. Reebok The Pump 25 anniversary - quality shoes exhibition Location: DEAL Beijing Gulou (Drum Tower East Street, Dongcheng District, No. 39-1) Time: July 26, 2014 to August 5, 2014, Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 22:00 With the "PUMP25 anniversary celebration is" getting better, the series of the many classic one by one from this summer back our field of vision. Pump Omni Lite, as one of the main stars PUMP series deserved, overwhelmed by the first appearance. Event day on immediate release, "black and white" two new colors: white models fresh and beautiful, very suitable for the hot summer months; black places calm atmosphere, with Rose and fluorescent yellow embellishment, short-term quick to seize people's attention. Whether it is 1989 or 2014, ReebokPump series is undoubtedly an important milestone in the history of sneakers Technology. In recent years, cooperation models released often sought after by many fans and innovators of sneakers, but also won the favor of many personality who can be described as the ultimate representative of the avant-garde. Perpetual freshness desire people have to wear it, the more people want to touch the tongue Pump pump, touch this wonderful "tongue" on. PUMP Series Brief History of introduction: 1898 ??, Reebok launched its first series of sports shoes Pump ReebokThe Pump. Arrival ReebokThe Pump undoubtedly athletes have a new option. Towering upper plus inflatable Pump technology systems can give your feet ever reliable protection. By Paul Litchfield's words: "Each pair of shoes can not be tailored to your feet, but with the emergence of Pump technology, it will compensate for the shoe itself is not the place for your feet, by pressing the Pump pump, little by little to allow air to enter those parts do not fit your feet to fill. " 1990 ??, ReebokPump series of basketball shoes in the budding field, but also will bring more shoes Pump Technology them. On the tennis court, and a combination of Reebok Pump Court Victory Chinese tennis player Michael Chang gave people left a very deep impression. Reinforcement Design leather upper middle so that the double Court Victory Pump more emphasis on support and stability. And in this part of the heel shoes also uses a honeycomb Hexalite cushioning technology. Dura Trac Plus more wear-resistant rubber outsole to ensure performance on the tennis court. 1990 ??, Reebok follow up a victory attack, launched Pump Omni Zone basketball shoes, combined with Pump inflatable technology and ERS (Energy Return System) seismic soles, given its powerful features, while very texture of the leather uppers, towering ankles provide excellent protection performance, became recognized as the highest-tech basketball shoes. 1991 years can be described as the most exciting in the history PUMP series of the year, in one fell swoop launched PUMPOMNI Lite and BattlegroundPump two pairs of basketball shoes. Celtics Di Bulang (Dee Brown) by No Look Style (blindfolded with his right arm, left arm fly wheel round a note dunks) beat including "Rain Man" Kemp and many other masters, in one fell swoop pick He was the slam dunk contest champion, but also so that people remember his feet PUMP OMNI LITE, let PUMP AND TECHNOLOGY completely into sight. 1992 ??, Reebok win, Pump Dual Running, Pump II Hi, TransitZone Pump and theDouble Pump shoes such as mushroomed stand out. Terms of basketball shoes more signed Shaquille O'Neal, and whom introduced the exclusive signature model the Shaq One ??Pump. 1994 ??, Reebok Pump launched a series reputed worldwide still stands at the forefront of Insta Pump Fury shoes. This shoe because Pump technology using the full body of the shoe, running shoes are lighter than the previous, more fit feet. ReebokInsta Pump Fury in the global market has made an unexpected boom, young Hiroshi Fujiwara, Bjork and Jackie have a soft spot for this shoe, Jackie Chan and even customize their own signature styles. 2014 was born Pump Technology for 25 years, also InstaPump Fury shoe 20th anniversary year. To celebrate and commemorate the 20th anniversary, Reebok in addition to the 20 historical InstaPump Fury 1994 edition engraved flavor, but also with the world's major well-known shoe stores and shoe organizations to cooperate to bring a total of 27 models distinctive Pump Fury joint shoes. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) 2004 Athens Paralympic Games, Zhejiang aobenni costume to become China Paralympic delegation only designated official ceremonial clothing; the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Wenzhou cross clothing as the "sole sponsor of the Chinese clothing Chinese cheerleaders"...... Sports mania has infected Wenzhou's clothing industry. With the arrival of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, sports marketing is becoming a fascinating cheese. shoes in Wenzhou to participate in the "Olympics" proud sponsored the twelfth Paralympic Games, Zhejiang aobenni costume Co. Ltd. chairman Zheng Chenai still worried about the thirteenth Paralympic Games in 2008. He said the support of the Olympic Games is a very meaningful thing, athletes "Shen Canzhi no residue" the spirit of perseverance and is the need of the development of enterprises. He said that if possible, he would also like to hold a photography contest for the disabled people's Olympic Games, which will inspire employees and be moving and meaningful. Cheng Xin, chairman of the Wenzhou intersection costume, said that if there were good opportunities and plans, he hoped that he would continue to sponsor the 2008 Olympic games. He believes that the Olympic Games is a very good business opportunity, is conducive to improving enterprise visibility and reputation, in the enterprise will be a very glorious thing. Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Wenzhou shoe enterprises failed to become their direct sponsor, but still regardless of local ways to "close" the sports event. Before aobenni attention to the Paralympic Games, AOKANG and Kangnai group took the cheer group went to Athens to cheer for the Olympic athletes China. Won the gold medal in the Wenzhou athletes Zhu Qinan, Kangnai group president Zheng Xiukang immediately 20 thousand yuan will be sent to the home of Zhu Qinan, said the award; in Hongkong AOKANG President Wang Zhentao immediately call Wenzhou's first gold medal athlete award 100 thousand yuan, and published on advertising. Their idea is to show a little face at the Olympics even if they don't have close contact. "sports marketing cheese"; move carefully; in the just concluded "the first China chess League, Fapai group Wenzhou team not only won the naming rights and invited to Georgia's vice chairman, international chess player Aziz Michael Palash Willy as foreign aid, fide? By several domestic media attention. But asked whether he will sponsor the 2008 Olympic Games, Fapai group propaganda department manager Li Chunhong said, is the production of men's suits Fapai, intense scenes of the Olympic Games in the image is not very well, although this is a very good cheese, but also suitable for it. )In December 13, 2008, Shenzhen sewing equipment industry association was formally established in the Olympic Center of Longgang district and held its first member congress. A number of government departments and more than 300 member enterprises and units on behalf of the central and provincial and municipal leaders attended and participated in the meeting, the Central People's Government in the office of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region deputy director of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress Zhou Junming, Secretary General Chen Yikui, December 13, 2008 Shenzhen sewing equipment industry association in Longgang Olympic Center was formally established and held its first congress. A number of government departments and more than 300 member enterprises and units on behalf of the central and provincial and municipal leaders attended and participated in the meeting, other relevant leaders of the Central People's Government in the office of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region deputy director of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress Zhou Junming, Secretary General Chen Yikui, Chinese Sewing Machinery Association chairman Da Mihiro, Shenzhen city in May as an important speech. The General Assembly elected the first association leadership team with Shi Tianxiang as president and Chen Tiande as supervisor. Shenzhen sewing equipment industry association is constantly changing in the government departments, the entire industry based on the needs of the development of market economy improved. After the establishment of the association, enterprises will provide production guidance, market research, trade management, trade friction warning and other services, but also play a role in linking enterprises and governments as well as the "bridge" between domestic and foreign markets. Especially in the current global economic and financial crisis, the entire sewing equipment industry has brought severe challenges to the survival of the time, the birth of the association has also been the whole industry has higher hopes and expectations. (Editor: admin).