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The Jordan Super.Fly 4 is the next installment of the Jordan Super.Fly series set to release from Jordan Brand. This silhouette is one of the more popular shoes from the brand aside from their Air Jordans series. Advertisment Adding some upgrades while keeping its traditional look, the Jordan Super.Fly 4 is built with a one-piece, no-sew base that offers mesh detailing for lightweight breathability. The shoe keeps its Zoom cushioning that looks to be complete with FlightPlate. An external heel counter is built on the back for stability for the foot for all motion movement. As of right now there is no exact release date set for the first launch of the Jordan Super.Fly 4, as reports have them debuting later this October 2015. Check out the detailed photos of one of the upcoming releases as well as a few other colorways below and let us know what your first thoughts of the silhouette are in the comments section? Source: US11After 12 years of co operating, released 93 complete design lines, and Riccardo Tisci finally announced his departure from , Givenchy, but that would not affect his partnership with Nike. After previous exposure spy photos, Riccardo Tisci and Nike; the latest build of Dunk Lux; Chukka shoe series today officially announced. In addition to two pairs of black and white color design, there is also an exposed white red color also released together. Its contours from , Dunk, cheap foamposites Lux, Hi improved, shoes big, Nike, Swoosh, Logo, and the heel of the Nike R.T. Logo, is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the design. It is reported that this series will be on February 9th in , Titolo , and other designated shops for sale, priced at about EUR 270 euros. Oreo color Air Jordan 6, "Black Oreo", we had previously reported for everyone, recently again exposure of physical pictures. Black shoes and white / Blue Crystal collocation in the outside of the bottom of the bottom, black and white ink to highlight Oreo elements. However, there is no definite date for the sale, and we will continue to pay attention to it. ; Now at the cold winter, spring and summer but have seen many new figure, Vans today released back to the spring and summer of 2012 new shoes, which is a street and a gentleman of two character Vans Rata Vulc series, low drum shoe body is covered by red canvas, printed with a strong flavor of Hawaii coconut tree the leaves in spring and summer the echo pattern, vigor, overall slightly a bit distressed retro style, no extreme eye-catching colors, is quite unique, is expected next year officially on sale, interested friends please wait and see.With today's sneakers culture matures, the internationally renowned sports brand NEW BALANCE classic shoes 574, is absolutely essential that each shoe sneaker shoes. The fan New Balance is the introduction of new work, so you have cheap air jordans online many friends who love the streets a freshness. Zhefan New Balance 574 "Woven" series, using a preparation technique, the whole body of the shoe are presented for the preparation of the grid is definitely a fresh bold move. This time the shoe is priced at $ 99.95 US dollars, will be on sale June 1, interested friends do not miss yo.Jordan Brand also launched Year of with NIKE the Horse Collection horse Note Series, don't step, this double design for Carmelo Anthony Jordan Melo M10 "Year of the Horse" a side note which don't let people suction eye. In the Jordan Melo M10 "Year of the Horse" the horse does not note in full for the Dynamic Fit to create a black leather uppers and lining with pattern finish Chinese ink painting color sense, followed by the original piece of chrome stable layer style shows in order to gradually change to black extinction of design features, the left foot tongue respectively. " Ma " word embroidery and embroidered trapeze signs, at the same time also has Chinese under the transparent ice ink painting decorative design, in addition to the Jordan Brand to create a more China flavor with special color ink painting box, is absolutely one of the classic new shoes fans will be the collection of. This double Jordan Melo M10 "Year of the Horse" the horse does not note will be officially launched in the near future, your shoes fans please wait and see. in celebration of the famou jordan 3 katrina 2018 s trend in Holland, Woei shop ASICS shop for fifth years of commemorative cooperation, this time they chose the Sneaker circle of retro running shoes leader. While the two sides of this cooperation also selected the high status of the ASICs family Gel Lyte III shoes, think that year as the first application of gel hi-tech Gel Lyte III running shoes, has won the "best shoes" award, today the shoes on the kind of sense of future technology never fade, it is let it get the new fashion shoes. And this cooperation also added to the popular outdoor elements, making the athletic shoes become tough. This joint running shoes will be available for sale globally in July 7th. Source:Nike Sportswear with the launch of this classic shoes Air Max 1 as the base, adding lightweight technology Air Max 1 Fuse shoes, uppers of lightweight Hyperfuse and net surface material composition of grey and white, with orange Swoosh and fluorescent shoelace ring details, of course, the classic Air Max sole, to design and simple innovation in retro contour of the science and technology, increase wearing comfort, it is now possible to buy online. 2012-8-1 08:37 upload download attachment (79.7, KB) although not as Ray PE as everyone competes for color, but it is undeniable that Josh Howard also has many of his own Air Jordan PE. Now there is a pair of Josh Howard Mavericks home color eBay on the PE, shoes with white leather with navy na Cheap foamposites for sale vy blue fenders, followed by embroidery Josh initials, and back number "J HO 5". 2012-8-1 08:37 upload and download attachments (93.41 KB) 2012-8-1 08:37 upload and download attachments (133.21 KB) 2012-8-1 08:37 upload and download attachments (146.11 KB) 2012-8-1 08:37 upload and download attachments (207.65 KB) 08: 37; 2012-8-1 uploading and downloading attachments (267.71 KB) 2012-8-1 08:37 upload and download attachments (207.35 KB) 2012-8-1 08:37 upload and download attachments (141.55 KB) 2012-8-1 08:37 upload and download attachments (111.03 KB) 2012-8-1 08:37 upload and download attachments (110.88 KB) has gone through three and three falls, and Zhang Huarong's career has finally entered a period of steady growth. In January 2002, Zhang Huarong has been sensitive to the cost of production in Dongguan is raised, he returned to Jiangxi to invest heavily in the construction of the Ganzhou Huajian international shoe, as Huajian production base. China Jiancheng consciousness "Pioneer Industrial Transfer" of Dongguan in the footwear industry, shoe industry Chinese become a rare success model. Jiangxi's labor costs are very low, Zhang Huarong will be a large amount of low-priced shoes transferred to Jiangxi to do, small quantities of high-end shoes in Dongguan processing. since 1999, Hua Jian continues to expand, so far has 10 branches, more than 2 employees, the enterprise has a comple Cheap foamposites for sale te industrial chain, becoming China's largest manufacturer of women's shoes. Zhang Huarong was not satisfied with that. He wrote "living for the society and working for the industry" as the motto of Hua jian. He believes that the footwear industry as a labor-intensive industry representatives, the community does not understand it. He believes that the future trend of footwear industry should be in Dongguan orders, research and development, sales, processing and production in the mainland. "I call on the government not to discriminate against industry, only the promotion of the industry." Zhang Huarong boldly started an independent brand, the creation of COLCO, Alan Delon, Jackie Chan and other brands. This year, Zhang Huarong also decided to spend huge sums of money to build a super scale world shoes (Asia) headquarters base in houjie. He positioned the base as the Asia headquarters of R & D, trade, brand incubation and logistics, and became the order center of shoe-making enterprises. He plans to introduce many new materials, new products, new market applications of experts, free of charge for enterprises to provide services to promote the transformation of the industry. , "they say I'm godfather, godfather is a responsibility. I started it on my own, without any conditions. I'd love to bring you all together." Zhang Huarong said, "his life has always been very hard, but very happy.". - war motto when everyone doesn't support you, you can break down. When everyone supports you, you are incapable of becoming capable. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't gamble, and I'm in good health. I simply do one thing, that is, constantly making shoes. - reporter notes what can an order achieve? Zhang Huarong did not escape, he was in the most difficult time, Pentland gave him an order. an order is a batch of shoes? The smartest thing about Zhang Huarong is that he doesn't see it. The effect of an order is magnified by him. The pyramid order means that the international giants favor to him, it means that there will be good prospects. As long as you cooperate with him, do not fear the money can not be collected, and the opportunities for cooperation will be more and more. Therefore, partners are willing to give more grace period, Zhang Huarong's career is such a resurrection, and get the opportunity to grow. , this is one of Zhang Huarong's hands the Russian government is preparing to gradually replace foreign nationals in Russia who are currently engaged in retail trade with their own nationals. According to the Russian government on the decision from January 1st next year, foreign workers will be banned in Russia, engaged in alcohol and drug trade. The first quarter of next year, in the Russian market and engaged in small retail kiosks trade workers, the proportion of foreigners should not exceed 40%. From April 1st next year, foreigners will be prohibited from engaging in small retail trade in russia. in addition to the ban, the Russian government also identified the quota in 2007 of foreign citizens in the workers: to not exist with the Russian visa relationship provided by the state work quota of 308 thousand people, to the existence of visa between countries (mainly CIS countries) provide citizens with work quota for 6 million people. This will be Russia's first implementation of the quota system for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Independent States who came to Russia to work. currently engaged in petty trade in Russia's Haining companies have nearly 100 employees, about 300 to 400 people, mainly concentrated in Moscow and other places, with the Russian government issued the "work card" from the domestic enterprises engaged in goods, and then to the ACT market wholesale or distribution of the goods business. Effect of 1 days ago, the staff has been working in Russia Chinese through informal channels of local that the Russian government measures to ban, has begun to gradually decrease from the number of Chinese purchase. Affected by this, in October this year, the city's exports to Russia began to decline sharply, as of October, the city's exports to Russia $106 million, down 12 percentage points. Of which: leather clothing $2 million 640 thousand, down 44%, 1~10 month cumulative exports of 52 million 190 thousand U. s.dollars (- 7%); home textile 1 million 710 thousand U. s.dollars, down 15%, 1~10 month cumulative exports of 9 million 970 thousand U. s.dollars (- 32%). 2, the detailed rules for the implementation of the Russian government on the ban has not yet been introduced, such as the assumption of Ban said: from April 1st next year a total ban on foreigners engaged in retail trade in Russia, will be the city's exports to Russia caused serious impact. It is estimated that the total value of goods imported into the Russian market at various channels in Haining is around $200 million. Once the ban was implemented, concentrated in the ACT market, including the closure of China, foreign distribution point, enterprises engaged in the wholesale, retail, I also will be forced to withdraw from these channels, this will be the city engaged in exports to Russia have hit many enterprises, enterprises may result from the Russian market. our city enterprise should adjust the management strategy in time; on the one hand, we will try our best to break into the marketing channels of Russian peoplea rather unique Air Jordan 12 debut network, using white minimalist style to create a shoe body, followed by 23 numbers and shoelace buckle from gold to build, vamp by Woven woven material to build, at the same time in simple presentation and platinum color revealed the full sense of luxury.