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Chinese shoes network September 9 hearing, from shoulder to shoulder together hold a candle to drive When we talk to buy a pair of sports shoes, our mouth is no longer just "Adidas", "Nike ", more local brands which we are familiar: Peak, Li Ning [24.75 1.85%], 361 & deg; ...... With the strengthening of sales promotion and strength of these local sports brands have the strength and challenge the multinational sports brand in the capital. "I hope that one day, the Olympic can an international brand identity to challenge Nike and Adidas." Peak CEO Zhi-Hua Xu told the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter says. Once upon a time, we are still studying hard. Then the bedroom lying about players will talk, they say, their clothes, their anecdotes, all our talk, but also our role models. At that time, everyone is very simple, simple food and clothing, not for the rest, just want to be able to in the sports arena when the game time, the foot can wear a pair of Nike shoes have a "check mark" logo. Now, when we talk to buy a pair of sports shoes, our mouth is no longer just "Adidas", "Nike", more local brands which we are familiar: Peak, Li Ning, 361 & deg; ...... they show their charm, as we know, has become our partners in struggle when the sports arena. wrestling world giants As a world-renowned brand, whether it is "Nike" or "Adidas", which is sparing no effort at all to promote their brands. And China's sports brands also came to understand this point, beginning in the battlefield with these two sports brands in the world giant began wrestling. For example, the use of NBA's influence in China in the past two months, China has almost become NBA players a stage show. From Nike June NBA star turned China trip began, Adidas, Pick, Anta and other sports brand, have their contracted players to China, including Kobe Bryant, Howard, Kevin Garnett, Kidd, Durant nearly 20 NBA super players, team strong enough to compete with the US basketball Dream Team. Despite their own master, such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant on behalf of Nike, Adidas Howard wearing LOGO, Garnett Anta cooperation and launched its own brand KG, Kidd also has its own Exclusive boots, but they are purpose of this trip is very consistent - to promote their endorsement of the brand, signing new shoes, to please the fans and consumers. Obviously, Pick, Anta and other domestic brands no longer willing to play a role of princes reading. With the strengthening of sales promotion and strength of these Chinese brands have the strength to challenge the multinational sports brand. However, although the domestic brands and multinational brands have been close in number and level of players, but in the NBA to promote the brand culture and temperament convergence, the domestic brands Nike and originated in the United States, as well as NBA shirt sponsor Adidas there are many gaps. the Capital Institute of Physical Education, Professor Lee Sang-as in the "China Sankei Shimbun," told reporters that the Chinese local brands and world-renowned sports brand lies in the gap in two ways. One is brand of independent property and time of accumulation, and Retro jordans for sale the second is the cultural connotation of the brand. Lee Sang, such as that some domestic local sports brand Jigong aggressive in the beginning of the birth, deficiencies. Just for the interests of compromise and operations, but they ignore the vision of the establishment. This comparison, then compete with established contractors. Fortunately, some domestic brands have also begun to realize this. In Peak CEO Xu Zhihua opinion, brand marketing is like a basketball game, a team only to five different positions to maximize the potential of the players can change dramatically "chemistry." By the same token, only fully mobilize as many marketing resources, will it be possible to win in an increasingly fierce marketing battle. Also proved the correctness of the strategy of Olympic. According to third-party research firm ZOUmarketing data show, Pick beyond Nike, Li Ning became the highest volume of Chinese basketball sports brand. As Lee Sang said the data also reflects the brand's initiative. A good brand in the world to get their approval first, to make people love and acceptance. At this point, whether or Olympic Li Ning have done well. The competition is a marathon a brand is not overnight achievements. Similarly, movement of the market competition is bound to be a long-distance running, the temporary leader does not ensure final victory. In the international market, Adidas used to be the king of this market, but now Nike has begun to lead. In the Chinese market, Li Ning has been thriving, but now, with the rise of Anta, China Dongxiang [4.20 0.00%] and special steps such as sports brand, has formed a crowded situation. Once the Chinese market leader Li Ning, after the first throes of losing market position, it began to rise strongly. In 2009, China's largest sports brand to more than 8 billion yuan in sales, the market in China has become second only to surpass Adidas sports brand Nike. This year, Li Ning abandon the old LOGO, start a new design of a new logo and a new slogan "make the change", Nike began to attack. temporarily in behind Olympic did not give up the pace to catch up. From the outset, this left specialization and internationalization of Chinese sports brand, has fledgling, dashing. Cooperation from simple ads to the NBA with the team, then the star's endorsement, finally reached an official partnership, and the formation of an international NBA players "TEAM", the Olympic brand awareness, sales and profit margins have been the rapid increase, has entered the second camp. So, how should a sports brand to the world? Lee Sang answer as given is: "focus on national culture, to maintain broad minded." Only accompanied by cultural output, so that the brand's cultural connotation to the product, so that the layout of integration of an international perspective and the local culture, the strength of the brand enjoys popular support. This is, in the choice of Olympic celebrity endorsements have been confirmed: NBA star endorsement in signing 12 players, and Jason Kidd, Shane Battier and other Americans, for the US market; Pietrus French, concerned that the Western European market; Vujacic Serbs, saw in Eastern Europe; and Dikembe Mutombo are Africans, the mysterious continent will also be an important Olympic international strategic pivot. Today, the Olympic products through national distributors, has been sold to Japan, Korea, Europe, the Middle East and other dozens of countries and regions. internationalization is not just the product can be sold abroad. Internationalization must be the basis of a professional, and should have an international research and development efforts, international talent, international market sales and marketing resources and international sales channels. Chinese brand design and development center has been opened to the world's largest sports brand Nike's headquarters. More recently, attempts to aid Anta Garnett signing machine to enter the overseas market. The Olympic in Los Angeles preparing for the establishment of branches and the United States R & D center, and is in negotiations with several large retailers in the United States, is expected to officially open later this year in the United States for business. All this indicates that China's domestic sports brand is gradually catch up with the pace of cross-brand, to the world. last week, the vista outdoor companies exposed large transactions, spent $4 billion acquisition of BRG sports's four brands, including bell, Giro, C-Preme and Blackburn expected within one to two months to complete the acquisition. Vista Outdoor chairman Mark DeYoung said the acquisition will help the company to become the world's leading outdoor sports group's vision of the future. for Vista Outdoor, this is their last year in the separate listing of this is the third acquisition, their business focus on North American and European Outdoor bicycle and ski equipment sales. Under the four acquisition of the brand belongs to BRG Action Sports, Action Sports (Action Sports from the brand to the staff of more than 600 employees) will be incorporated into the Vista Outdoor package. BELL and GIRO two brand famous in the bike lovers. Vista Outdoor is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer in the growing outdoor leisure industry. The company's main business involves two parts, outdoor and shooting sports, the company has more than 30 well-known brands, in the hunting, outdoor leisure and other leading to provide consumers with a series of high performance, high quality innovative products. Vista's headquarters is located in Utah, manufacturing operations, facilities located in 10 states in the United States, and Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada, international sales and procurement operations distribution in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.NIKE AIR MAX 95 has been a classic of running shoes. This time the classic again aboard the new dynamic fly line technology uppers, there we see today the NIKE AIR MAX 95 DYNAMIC FLYWIRE Blue / red color products, this shoe to royal blue net surface material as base material, with light blue to gradient color wavy lines mesh wrapped in royal blue the red line on the fly in dynamic, and also joined the heel toe, fender rugged royal blue suede wrapped, dazzling red shoelaces, Swoosh and domineering full control AIR MAX window to the air cushion, the dazzling shoes bring more vitality. 2012-12-27 09:02 upload and download attachments (204.51 KB) 2012-12-27 09:02 upload download attachment (161.04, KB) Wade recently in his IG Li-Ning Way of the sun out of 2 "Wade Miami Dolphins", with the grey green shoes lined with marked collocation, Fu like orange, is very clear and handsome. 0.jpg (70.39 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-7-12 10:15 upload 1.jpg (231.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-7-12 10:15 upload 2 using double density bottom form a composite structure, not only the upper and lower configuration, but in accordance with the movement of real need or material distribution shock considerations support site, called the DUO COMPOUND approach to the user experience is excellent in short distance, high frequency motion the shock absorber can provide enough, long time walking situation and keep some support, avoid fatigue, in the current Reebok is one of the shoes can not miss the works. also uses lightweight breathable uppers and both coated 3D FUSEFRAME, is a function of very powerful mesh material, especially in the hot Taiwan is also very suitable for wear, also located in the middle of the arch FITFRAME LT with laces together bring fixed complete performance, when a shoelace wearer immediately you can get very good lock, and REALFLEX in the small details of RUN 2 is private not sloppy, the Achilles tendon, tongue with toe with suede, allow easy friction parts reduce discomfort but still have very good protection, at the same time for easy loss of the outer bottom block made of reinforcement that could make it a good pair of shoes for a long time with us. 0.jpg (327.91 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:08 2016-8-24adidas adiPure Adapt sale soon 2013-12-08 22:19:58 As adiPure Natural Running Shoe series a, adiPure Adapt is designed for experienced runners who build the natural movement of special shoes. Vamp only 4mm thin, only 4.5 ounces weight, shoe uppers using TECHFIT Technology ensure 360 ??degree comfort and coordination. In mid-August at sale offer price of $ 90.As early as last year, rumors of Jordan Brand this year will be engraved offering this black low version of the Air Jordan 6 Low, and recently on the network is also the first release of a foot shot. The continuation of low to help shape design, selection of high quality suede shoes made by black through your body, and the Jumpman by the silver ornament, finally with transparent crystal outsole. item: 304401-003 release date: August 22ndPrice: air-jordan-6-low-black-chrome.jpg (135.79 KB, download number: 47) download Air Jordan 6 Low Black Chrome 2015-3-29 09:14 upload air-jordan-6-retro-low-black-metallic-silver-2015-1.jpg (31.76 KB, download number: 36) download Air Jordan 6 Low Black Chrome 2015-3-29 09:14 upload air-jordan-6-retro-low-black-metallic-silver-2015-2.jpg (27.13 KB, download number: 50) download Air Jordan 6 Low Black Chrome 2015-3-29 09:14 upload air-jordan-6-retro-low-black-metallic-silver-2015.jpg (33.58 KB, download number: 45) download Air Jordan 6 Low Black Chrome 2015-3-29 09:14 upload air-jordan-6-retro-low-black-metallic-silver-2015-3.jpg (34.07 KB, download number: 46) download Air Jordan 6 Low Black 0With the Sneaker in the continued global warming, First come, first served. Marcus · Jordan with dad support has started their own shoe store location, and the eldest daughter of Jordan designed Jordan Jasmine officially on sale. This and just before the release of Jordan Westbrook 0 is very similar, the shoe body is made of white light grey suede leather collocation, collar and tongue of the wing by gold decoration. item: 768927-109 jordan-jasmine-white-gold-1.jpg (58.04 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Jasmine signature shoes 2015-7-7 10:52 upload jordan-jasmine-white-gold-2.jpg (67.25 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Jasmine signature shoes 2015-7-7 10:52 upload jordan-jasmine-white-gold.jpg (60.67 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Jasmine signature shoes 2015-7-7 10:52 upload jordan-jasmine-white-gold-3.jpg (32.89 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Jasmine signature shoes 2015-7-7 10:52 upload shoes, waterside pavilion, Marcus, Jordan 00 flow slobber.The tax, which is passed by the bill, will save about $800 million a year for consumers. The National Retail Federation called the bill a "cheap shoe act."". : CEO Tracy Mullin, President of the National Retail Federation, said: "taxing shoes is the protection of the domestic footwear industry; in fact, there is no such thing as an industry that needs to be protected in the United States.". However, a high tax rate on cheap shoes, which means that low-income people need to pay more taxes on basic necessities of life, is now the time to lift this slack trade policy". The bill was proposed by the Nevada Senate John Ensign and the Washington Senate Maria Cantwell. the bill will abolish the tax on imports of 60% U. S. shoes, with about 1 billion 500 million pairs of shoes each year, mainly for cheap men's and women's shoes and children's shoes, including athletic shoes and high heels. (editor in chief: admin) after the "Aiminer" won the only western countries export exemption certificate, western shoes yesterday again good news, the new development of Chengdu shoes Aiminer a shoes, photos in Italy published a professional footwear magazine, is expected to become the popular styles of the spring and summer of 2007. At the same time, western shoes will form a brand alliance, and vigorously into North America and Russia and other international markets. "Ai Miner won the export exemption certificate, a major honor is Ai Miner itself, but also a high recognition of the level of development of the footwear industry in Chengdu......" Western shoes capital CMC official told reporters. City Business Bureau relevant responsible person said: "Ai Miner won the export exemption certificate, which marks the China shoes are brand management strategy has ushered in the first ray of dawn."